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Help your team to perform at its aboslute best by investing in each individual member. Equip them with self awareness and understanding of their colleagues and give them the tools they need to function optimally as a harmonious and effective team.

In undertaking a team workshop with Be You At Your Best you will have the opportunity for a detailed meeting approximately 2 weeks prior to the team day. There will also be consulations varried out for each individual in your team and every member of the group will then receive a confidential MBTIR evaluation questionnaire which they must complete themselves and submit at least 1 week before the team training day. You will then have a full day session on-site which will involve everyone in your team. During this session there will be time to explore the differences in information processing, communication style, and decision making between the individuals within the team. They will have the opportunity to further explore their own individual evaluation reports as well as taking part in numerous group excercises aimed at helping each individual to understand those they are working with and to help make the most of each individual’s particular attributes. NLP techniques are used throughout the training in order to install a positive, constructive and focussed energy within the team. In the event that there may be pre-existing conflicts or dysfunctional interactions within the team these can be very successfully addressed and managed as well.

Specific areas for potential development are:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Change management
  • Stress reduction
  • Performance optimisation
  • Improved task and project completion
  • Increased retention of team members and decreased staff turnover






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