For Your Relationship

Do you feel frustrated and unsatisfied in your relationship?  Do you feel as if you have hit a brick wall and you are having repeated arguments or frustrations with your partner?

Gain a better understanding of each other and the way you each individually think and behave. Learn to use this understanding to strengthen your relationship and fall in love with each other all over again.

Learn techniques to manage potential challenges in the future and work in harmony with each other rather than antagonistically.

Re-discover the best in each other and build a more harmonious future together.

At Be You AT Your Best the MBTIR evaluation is often used when working with couples – this forms an integral part of your therapeutic process as it can help you each fully understand and recognise your own and each other’s preferences in different aspects of life. This knowledge can have a hugely beneficial impact on your understanding and acceptance of each other as well as helping you to achieve a peaceful and fulfilling future together.

At your first visit you will both have the opportunity to express your individual feelings and thoughts regarding your relationship.  Based on your own concerns and treatment goals your therapy can then be tailor made to your own relationship needs and further sessions can be planned.

Individual therapeutic sessions may also be beneficial in some cases – sometimes you or your partner may be dealing with specific personal issues that can hold you back or impact on your relationship.

Throughout the process you can rest assured your therapist will remain completely impartial between you both and also maintain complete confidentiality if any individual sessions are in fact carried out.

At Be You At Your Best the number one focus is on YOU and helping you to achieve the best results possible.  Why not book in for your free initial telephone consultation to find out if this is the right thing for you and to learn more about what you could hope to achieve .​




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